As May 6, 2017 approaches please continue to check this page for announcements and updates.  Whatever is posted here is official and trumps any document you may have received in the past.

Single entrance for our Guests of Honor will open Saturday at 10:00AM and will remain open until 1:00PM or as long as supplies last.  Gifts are on a first come first serve basis until supplies are depleted.



Mission of Hope will be at Clintonville’s High School:



Friday – Setup
We are seeking individuals, families, civic groups, and youth groups who would be available to help set up the gymnasium for our Mission of Hope experience.  We have lots of tables and chairs to position.  Any and all assistance is appreciated at 3:15PM Friday May 5.  Simply email and let us know how many will be joining you.



Volunteer Schedule for Saturday May 7

  1. Arrive at the site Saturday before 8:30AM.  Volunteers will gather with others for last minute preparations and orientation.   There is much to accomplish in a limited amount of time.  Arrive as early as 8:00AM to assist with packing bags for Groceries.
  2. Volunteer Orientation will begin at 9:30AM.
  3. While we have promoted this event to begin at 10:00AM it is our hope to open as early as 9:45AM to honor our Guests of Honor.
  4. Plan to remain on site until about 2:30PM.  Mission of Hope continues until supplies are depleted.  Your enduring assistance will significantly reduce time and energy in cleaning the school.



  • Volunteers are encouraged to serve together as a family unit;
  • Bring a packed lunch as our Guests of Honor are our priority for receiving a free lunch;
  • Bring a personal water bottle;
  • We do our best to honor volunteer requests and we thank everyone for flexibility so as to reallocate volunteers to areas requiring greater assistance;
  • If you volunteered at previous Mission of Hope events, please bring your shirt.
  • We are ordering Mission of Hope shirts to volunteers.  Please pre-register as this will ensure an adequate supply for our Guests of Honor to easily identify volunteers.  Thank you.


  • Thank you for joining us!  We trust you will bring sufficient quantities of free resources to offer our Guests of Honor;
  • You will have unloading access between 7:30-9:00AM;
  • Since we do not know how many Guests of Honor will attend, please bring a packed lunch and water.  Thank you.


Parking for Volunteers & Vendors:

Parking is available on a first come first serve basis but we ask for volunteers to park furthest from the entrance so as to offer the best parking for our Guests of Honor.  We encourage car pooling as much as possible.  Thank you.



The rationale for online volunteer registration:
It is vitally important to register your interest as a volunteer on this website.  First and foremost it ensures we have adequate t-shirts and supplies.  Furthermore it helps our Team Leaders to know how many more volunteers they need to recruit.  There are numerous variables in preparing for Mission of Hope.  Please register so our volunteer team leaders know what and who to prepare for.  While we understand some may be concerned about personal privacy we assure you your contact information will only be used by our Team Leaders in preparing for this exciting day together.  If you do not have an email address, simply register with


Mission of Hope is a Strategic Program of CommunityIMPACT, Inc. who is recognized by the IRS as a 501.c.3 charitable organization.  All donations payable to “Mission of Hope” are tax-deductible and will receive a financial report in December for their charitable contribution.